About our Board Members

Mike Merritt- Grooming Chairman:

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Mike started riding when his friends invited him to ride into South Twin, he rode one of their 1966 Evenrudes.  Shortly after that ride he bought a 1966 Rupp.  Mike and his family have been no stranger to the sport.  They owned the Skidoo dealership in Bend and the Arctic Cat dealership, they sold the Arctic Cat dealership to Bobs Sporting Goods in 1976.  It was located where 5 guys is located now on Hwy 97.  Mike started Oval racing in Prineville in 1970, The picture above is from Vintage Oval racing in Priest Lake Idaho in January of 2018.  Mike was there helping his two sons and his grandson race, keeping the Merritt traditon moving along!  Mike is still heavily involved in the snowmobile community and volunteering his time with Moon Country Snowbusters as the grooming Chairman  

Austin Alvarez- Board Member:

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Austin Alvarez is a new board member of the club.  Ever since Austin can remember his life has revolved around snowmobiling, from being a little guy bouncing helmet to helmet on the front of his dads sled to buying his first brand new sled on his own.  He has loved everything about this sport.  During the winter months he spends the majority of his time in the hills riding anywhere from Canada down to Northern California, pushing his own ability on a sled.  Austin is very excited to be a part of something more than just his own personal riding.  The last few years he has noticed what seems to be untapped potential in the club and he can't wait to see the doors that he can help open.  

Michelle Young- President: 

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Michelle Young Started riding when she was 12 years old.  At that time you could ride from in Lapine Oregon, to 4 corners in Paulina: right from town without even loading a trailer.  She went to her first Snowmobile race in 1978 at Crescent Lake Oregon.  She bought her first Sled when she was 21, A 1978 Polaris TX 440.  Michelle took several trips with the Lapine club to West Yellowstone, MT.  She started going to some races with YMI Racing in 1990 and drag racing.  One of her highlights was Drag racing on Asphalt at the Pinks All Out event at the Woodburn Drag strip in 2009!  Michelle is currently our club president, as time permit you might still see her out at the drags or racing an old vintage around in circles
Mark Young- Board Member:

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The 1st time Mark rode a snowmobile it was in 1971 in the neighbors backyard!  He then started snowmobiling with his buddy Sean Mahoney.  Mark had a 1971 Rupp Nitro 295, that he swapped motors to a 340, but before he could ride it, both him and Seans snowmobiles were stolen.. Mark saved his money for a year so he could buy another sled.  He started racing ovals in 1978 at Crescent Lake Jct. Mark has raced Ovals, Sno Cross, X country and drags all over the country.  Mark was also the founding member of Oregon Snowmobile Racing Circuit (OSRC).  He was also cool enough to be a member of Team Polaris and had at least one new race sled every year, he raced with Team Polaris from 1988-1996, but one year (1992) He jumped shipped to for a sweet deal to  race with Skidoo.  In 1985 Mark started working in the snowmobile industry at Ellis Alpine House, he thinks he spent so much time there anyways that Ellis decided to hire him.  Learning to be a technician involved being around the dealerships in Central Oregon, for the past 25 years Mark has continued to be involved with snowmobile clubs, promoting the sport, and 2 years ago he started back with Vintage Oval racing. He is having the time of his life!

Bill Inman- Vice President:
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Christmas time 1969, Bill & Patty Inman won a 1969 335 Olympic Skidoo snowmobile in a raffle at Pendleton Elks Club! That started their saga of snowmobiling. They purchased another one shortly thereafter as two adults and two small boys could not all ride the Oly at the same time! Through the years they have owned Yamaha, Arctic Cat and Skidoo, and now are on Polaris brand. Bill & Patty spent some time working in Kalispell Montana where they also enjoyed sledding. They then spent a few years in Grants Pass exploring Diamond Lake. Living in Coos Bay area was a longer haul to snow, by that time they had 4 sleds. As great grandparents Bill & Patty still enjoy the sport and they still have the sled they won in 1969. 
Cale Voos- Board Member:

Brittney Eicher- Secretary:
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Brittney Eicher went on her first snowmobile ride over 7 years ago in what most would think was Summer weather! Shortly after getting over her initial concern that there would not be enough snow on July 14th, she was sitting at the top of Moon Mountain amazed at the views from the top. Over the years she has continued to progress as a rider and has became a fierce competitor in the 600-800 Drag Racing Classes. She has 6 class champion wins, and loves to tell people how she has won more 1st place trophies than her boyfriend of 7 years Cale Voos, specially because she has accomplished this in just a few short years of racing. Currently Brittney is the Secretary of Moon Country Snowbusters, Brittneys goals for the club are boosting memberships and bringing awareness to all outdoor enthusiasts, motorized or non motorized, Your local club is working to keep public lands open, while keeping the trails clear for all year around use. 

Kristi DeMoisy- Treasurer:
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Kristi DeMoisy is our newly appointed treasurer.  Kristi's first time on a snowmobile was a snow camping trip out China hat road.  She used her friends 1976 Yamaha Phazer.  Due to having a younger child she had to put off riding for several years but once she started again she was hooked.  Kristi went on several ladies rides and got involved in local riding clinics for women.  Over the years she has became more and more involved in snowmobiling, including vintage Oval Racing.  Kristi travels almost all winter long chasing her sport, Pemberton BC, Shasta California, Wyoming, Priest Lake, ID, Sumpter Oregon and McCall, ID.  After traveling to all of these areas and observing the way the Forest Service and locals are all involved in their local clubs and seeing how much they appreciate the riders for coming into their area,  she just could not pass up taking on a roll with Moon Country Snowbusters.  Kristi plans on pushing the community to understand the importance of our voice and informing the general public of what our club does for the community, so our area can also experience the gratitude other communities share for Snowmobilers and volunteers.     

Cale Voos- Boardmember

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Cale Voos started riding snowmobiles before he was born. At the age of five he got his snowmobile license, but as children him and his brother Chad absolutely hated riding snowmobiles. They would beg, plead and cry to not go out with their parents. After many years of hating the cold winter snowmobile rides and realizing peeing your snow pants only kept you warm for so long something had to change. December 15 ,2004 his dad David brought home Slednecks 7 and Cale was hooked. After learning sleds didn’t have to just stay on the trail but could climb, jump and drop, riding became his passion. Cale and his brother started making snowmobile videos and have traveled to different states and Canada. He has more recently loved the challenge of setting up sleds for drag races that him and his long time girlfriend Brittney compete in. Cale wanted to get involved in Moon Country SnowBusters to make an impact on the local community and fight for our land. His passion for riding is unstoppable and he wants to keep that passion going for himself and generations to come.

Keith Walls- Boardmember

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Keith Walls moved to Bend 25 years ago and instantly attached himself to anything and everything outdoors. A water baby in the summer, he found his winter calling of riding sleds. Always willing to help out where he can, he hopes to pass along his passion while helping to evolve the sport locally as well. Keith is our newest board member.